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🎁 Reward Tiers


🛍 Collections


📑 Product Cards


🔗 Direct Linking

🛒 Cart Upsells

🪄 Misc Settings

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🎁 Reward Tiers

How to change an existing reward

  • Edit the input fields for Discount Value and Minimum Cart Requirement
  • Click ‘Save’ in the bar that appears


How to turn on a new reward

  • Under the Rewards section, toggle the reward tiers you’d like to enable
  • Set the discount value and the minimum requirement to unlock that tier
  • Save your changes


How to change or update the free gift

  • Enable Free Gift toggle


  • Choose your product for the Free Gift
  • Set the minimum cart subtotal to unlock the Free Gift
  • Save your changes


How to setup currency-specific rewards

  • You will need to enable your store to sell in multiple currencies for this GrowLTV setting to show. See Shopify Documentation
  • Any non-configured currencies will use your store default currency reward settings.
  • If you enabled Free Shipping for this a specific currency, you must also set this up in the Shopify Shipping Settings.


  • On the Rewards page, select the currency you want to configure
  • Set your rewards (discounts, free shipping, and free gift)

Important notes about rewards

  • When using the 'minimum quantity of items' for tier discounts, note that when you also apply Free Shipping, it will still be based on a $ amount or weight defined in Shopify setting.
    • So for example, if you set $50 for free shipping on Shopify setting, but in GrowLTV you enabled Free Shipping on reward 1 with a minimum item in cart is 1. A product that is $20 will show Free Shipping is unlocked, but still charge a fee at checkout since cart value is not $50.
    • We recommend if utilizing this discount method + free shipping, that you set the Shopify Free Shipping setting to the lowest cost for a product on your store.
  • When a customer is using a coupon code, other rewards such as discount tiers and free gift cannot be combined. Coupon code discounts can only be combined with Free Shipping.
  • If there is a minimum of one subscription item in cart, a customer will not be able to stack the reward tiers with the subscription discount. Subscription carts also cannot apply a Free Gift reward. Subscription carts can only be combined with Free Shipping.

🛍 Collections

All Products, Pre-made Bundles, Subscribe & Save, and Build Your Own Bundle

How to display products in GrowLTV Collections

  • Tag your products 'growaov-collection' via Shopify
  • This will display your products on All Products, Bundles, and Subscribe and save
  • For stores using ReCharge v1, you will need to tag the original version of the products that have a subscription with 'growaov-subscription'

How to display products as sold out

  • Tag your products 'growaov-oos'
  • This will mark your products as sold out but maintain a quantity of > 0 on Shopify's end

How to mark products to ignore cart rewards

  • Tag your products with 'growltv-rewards:disabled' to have them excluded from the cart rewards.

How to change or add a new filter

  • Go to the ‘Collections’ page from the sidebar menu
  • Find ‘Filters’ section and toggle to enable


  • Click ‘Add’ to create a new filter selection
  • You can choose to add icons to your filters too (36x36 for png/jpg, and 18x18 for svg)
  • Fill in your product tag. This must match your tags you setup via Shopify admin, written in all lowercase (be mindful of spacing)
  • Eg. 'cookies and cream' vs 'cookiesandcream'

  • Fill in a label to display in the sidebar. (Label does not need to match tag)
  • Eg. See ‘cookies and cream’ with label of ‘Cookies’


How to add a new filter category

  • Scroll to the bottom of the ‘Filters’ section
  • Click ‘Add Filter Category’
  • Follow Step 1 above on populating the filters


How to link to collections with a filter pre-selected


How to link to collections with a filter, then clear filters on collection switch

How to reposition filters & filter categories

  • Next to each filter label and category title, you will find up (↑) and down (↓) arrows
  • Change the order of your filters and filter categories as needed


How to create pre-made bundles

  • Go to ‘Collections’ in the sidebar menu
  • Select ‘Pre-made Bundles’ and ‘Create Your First Bundle’


  • Fill out all of the required fields
    • Benefit icon recommended size (20-24px svg, 40-48px for png/jpg)
    • If you don't upload an icon, a checkmark will be used as default
    • image

  • Choose the products you want to include
  • ‘Create Bundle’

  • Note, after creating bundles, they will be disabled by default. Once you've made sure all the details and products are set, you can toggle the enable at the top of the bundle page.



  • After creating and enabling your first pre-made bundle, you will now see a tab on your collections "Bundles"
    • You can change the title of "Bundles" to whatever fits your store best. Some of our customers use "Health Goals" and "Stacks" as examples.
    • To change the title of "Bundles" go to Settings > Phrases> scroll down till you find "Bundles" and "Bundle" and change the input for the plural and singular names.
    • image

How to edit an existing bundle

  • From the ‘Pre-made Bundles’ main listing, you can adjust the order of bundles, edit, or delete.


How to link directly to a bundle


How to setup Build Your Own Bundles

Setup influencer pages with ease or run sales events with the products you define. The possibilities are endless with BYOB.

  • Go to Collection > Build Your Own Bundle > Create New BYOB


  • Fill out all of the required fields and select the products you want included
  • With this being a custom bundle, filters, search, and sort are hidden from the feed


  • After creating and enabling your bundle, you can now link directly to the BYOB page. Use the link in any of your marketing channels or on your store.

📑 Product Cards and Upsells

Setting featured product image, descriptions, product information slides, and more.

How to edit products

  • Go to ‘Settings’ page from the sidebar menu
  • On the right sidebar, find the product you would like to setup and click ‘Edit’


  • Fill out all the relevant fields for your product


How to add product information tour slides


  • You can add as many slides as you like (Eg. Nutritional Information, Ingredients, Benefits, etc.)
  • Input the title you want for each card and fill in your info
    • You can add a list item by adding some easy HTML
    • <ul>
      	<li>Item 1</li>
      	<li>Item 2</li>
    • Add as many <li></li> as needed, but be mindful of the space in each card. We recommend 3-5 list items at a time
  • Alternatively you can just paste plain text in the description field
    • Text size will adjust based on how many characters you have

Adding a testimonial product information card

  • The testimonial slide always appears last in the list of product information cards
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Product Config page to add/edit your testimonial slide
  • Picture of person is recommended but not required

🔗 Direct Linking

Add the snippet to the end of your collections URL

Subscriptions Link


Bundles Link


Sort by Links

  • Best Selling
  • ?sort_by=best-selling

  • Oldest to Newest
  • ?sort_by=oldest

  • Newest to Oldest
  • ?sort_by=newest

  • Lowest to Highest Price
  • ?sort_by=lowest-price

  • Highest to Lowest Price
  • ?sort_by=highest-price

  • Title (A-Z)
  • ?sort_by=a-z

  • Title (Z-A)
  • ?sort_by=z-a

Example URL

Combining Collection Type + Sort + Filter Example

  • When combining snippets, after the first snippet, you swap '?' for an '&'
    • See &sort_by=oldest and &filter=chocolate
    • Only on the first snippet you use '?'
    • A reminder, if you only wanted to use sort or filter, it would be /products?sort_by=oldest or /products?filter=chocolate

🛒 Cart Upsells

  • GrowLTV offers 5 great ways to upsell products to your customers
    • Automatic, Pre-made Bundle Ruleset, Complete a Bundle, Best Sellers, and Manual
  • To setup or change your upsells, go to Settings > Cart > Upsells
  • image


  • Using Shopify API to determine which products to offer depending on what is already in cart

🆕‼️ Pre-made Bundle Ruleset

  • You must have at least one Pre-made Bundle setup
  • GrowLTV checks the cart and if it identifies a product that's part of a pre-made bundle, the upsell area will upsell the remaining products


  • Define up to three products you would like to offer in the upsell area

Best Sellers

  • Displays up to three of your best selling products
  • Note, sometimes this can display a product that is already in cart (when a customer adds a best selling product)

🆕‼️ Complete a Bundle

  • GrowLTV's amazing new way to offer upsells, powered by Pre-made bundles
  • When a customer adds a product to cart, GrowLTV will display up to three bundles where that product is part of the bundle.


  • To setup, you need to create Pre-made bundles. Go to Collections > Pre-made Bundles
  • image

  • Please make sure to upload a thumbnail and add a short description to your bundle (that will appear on the pre-made bundles page AND in the cart upsell area
  • image

  • Select the products you want in your bundle
  • Enable Bundles as the upsell method

How to hide products from upsell area

  1. Go to Shopify Admin > Products > Find the product you'd like to exclude from showing in the upsell area
    1. This is applicable when you have 'Automatic' selected for the upsell area
  2. Add the tag 'growaov-ignore'

🪄 Misc Settings

Collect Order Notes


  • Give your customers the ability to add special instructions or notes to their order
  • To enable, go to Settings > Cart > Order Notes > Enable

Note: GrowLTV utilizes the Shopify order notes. And currently, Shopify order notes do not appear at checkout or in order confirmation emails. They will be visible to the customer in GrowLTV Cart and to Shopify Admin's on the Order page.


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