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Important notes about rewards

Last updated on December 17, 2021

  • When using the 'minimum quantity of items' for tier discounts, note that when you also apply Free Shipping, it will still be based on a $ amount or weight defined in Shopify setting.
    • So for example, if you set $50 for free shipping on Shopify setting, but in GrowLTV you enabled Free Shipping on reward 1 with a minimum item in cart is 1. A product that is $20 will show Free Shipping is unlocked, but still charge a fee at checkout since cart value is not $50.
    • We recommend if utilizing this discount method + free shipping, that you set the Shopify Free Shipping setting to the lowest cost for a product on your store.
  • When a customer is using a coupon code, other rewards such as discount tiers and free gift cannot be combined. Coupon code discounts can only be combined with Free Shipping.
  • If there is a minimum of one subscription item in cart, a customer will not be able to stack the reward tiers with the subscription discount. Subscription carts also cannot apply a Free Gift reward. Subscription carts can only be combined with Free Shipping.